Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland

Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training Ireland NGH Approved Certification with Martin Kiely

Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland

Consulting hypnotist and certified instructor Martin Kiely provides Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland. A comprehensive course covering the following topics:

Suggestibility Testing/Hypnotic Induction Techniques.
The purpose and types (authoritarian and permissive) are discussed, demonstrated and practised. Scripts will be provided for all of the induction procedures. Practical hints that influence hypnotic suggestibility. Supervised practice by class members.

Recognition and Classification of Clients
The Hypnotherapy Certification Training Ireland courses cover an in-depth discussion of the qualification of subjects, including common misconceptions we encounter, occupational susceptibility, age, and susceptibility of highly impressionable and emotional people.

Favourable and Unfavourable Influences and Dangers of Hypnosis
In this segment, we discuss the influences of light and colour, of temperature, of odours, of music and sound, of quietness and the influence of emotions and its effect on inducing hypnosis.

How to Hypnotize
Hypnosis Certification Training Irelandcovers a three-step classical hypnotic induction procedure is introduced and demonstrated. Participants practice and are critiqued.

Methods of Awakening
Ordinary and gradual awakening methods are shown. Participants practice a self-hypnosis induction and awaken themselves.

Depth Stages of Hypnosis
Participants are introduced to the six depth stages of hypnosis and the criteria for judging trance depth.

Self-Hypnosis Training
Participants will learn the rationale for using self-hypnosis and how it can influence all phases of their lives. In addition, they will be introduced to the world of “suggestion,” and learn six important criteria for formulating action suggestions.

Hypnotic Miscellany
Mechanical aids and posthypnotic suggestions are introduced. Deepening techniques and topics such as negative word traps and unethical posthypnotic suggestions are discussed.

Advanced Induction Techniques
The eight steps necessary to perform an effective progressive relaxation induction are demonstrated, instantaneous, indirect and waking hypnosis techniques are shown and practised.

Your Hypnotism Practice and How It Should Be Structured
The varied possibilities and options open to enhance a profitable hypnotism practice are explored. This includes marketing one’s private practice. The methodology and structure developing a far-reaching practice, and marketing one’s hypnosis programmes to the corporate world are analysed. Ethical and legal considerations are also discussed.

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All Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland courses conducted by Martin Kiely, National Guild of Hypnotists approved trainer.

With Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland you will learn how to hypnotize yourself and others!

Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland Approved Certification

Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre provides the NGH approved Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland.

Hypnotism is an exciting, developing field which offers significant opportunities. Through lectures, live demonstrations and in-class practice in an intimate supportive setting you will learn safe and effective ways to induce hypnosis and effectively apply what you learn in our highly practical course. All classes are conducted using the National Guild of Hypnotist’s curriculum and teaching materials. Successful graduates of these classes are eligible to be designated as Certified Hypnotists by the NGH, the oldest and largest organization of its kind with members across the US and in thirty countries around the world.

  • Explore a whole new career as a highly respected professional consulting hypnotist.
  • Learn how to use hypnosis to increase your self-confidence and potential in sports, sales, creativity and more.
  • Gain self-satisfaction and gratification by helping others.
  • Master techniques of visualization and self-hypnosis for personal growth.
  • Improve your own life, help others and open many new doors in an unlimited field.

NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland Curriculum

Our Certification curriculum is designed to provide a complete classical approach to work with weight control, smoking cessation and stress management for both individuals and groups. Your comprehensive training includes business and marketing strategies to develop a successful practice. The NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Ireland is designed to give you extensive training to either practice hypnosis as a career or integrate hypnosis as part of another profession in the health and counselling fields.

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NGH Hypnosis Training Ireland | Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training Ireland
NGH Hypnosis Training Ireland | Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training Ireland

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